At Warren & Holt we strive to create a memorable, comforting, simple and wholesome dining experience that leaves you feeling nourished. To us, wholesome eating is simple. It's about consciously consuming food as close to its whole state as possible for a balanced body & mind.



Our meals are predominately gluten-free, with gluten-free bread replacements always available. All of our meals are always refined sugar-free and can also be made dairy-free with replacement options available.


Cooking Methods

We use unrefined good fats in cooking, such as grapeseed oil, cultured butter and ghee by Pepe Saya when frying, coconut oil for baking and extra virgin olive oil to dress our salads. It's about using the best quality product for the appropriate cooking method to ensure nutrient density.



Our produce is certified organic where possible and free from harmful chemicals, toxins and pesticides. Even our cleaning products by Australian brand Resparkle are chemical-free - they use natural products that are simply grown, harvested and distilled.


Nutrient Dense

We partnered with a qualified nutritionist, Steph Wearne of Body Good Food to ensure our dishes are as nutrient dense as possible, delivering maximum nourishment and flavour with every mouthful. We believe the conscious decision to consume wholesome food is the single most powerful tool we have in achieving a healthy body & mind.



We know there is a growing number of vegan eaters out there and we have made it a priority to ensure we have a variety of options on our menu to cater to their needs. Some of our other meals may also be modifiable to be vegan-friendly, so don't be shy to ask our friendly team!


Ethical Meats & Eggs

Our meat is sourced by local Inner West butchers, Dulwich Hill Gourmet Meats. Our beef is organic and 100 per cent grass-fed. Our bacon is nitrate and preservative free. Our poultry and eggs are organic, pastured and genuine free-range and our pork is pasture raised.


Wild-Caught Seafood

We proudly choose to serve wild-caught fish. Why? It's sustainable, with minimal ecological impact and contains no nasties such as additives, growth hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. We are currently serving wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, which is cured in-house in beetroot.


Seasonal & Local

Our menu changes with the seasons to take advantage of the best that is available in flavour at any one time. We source locally grown produce and have hand selected products from local suppliers who care about providing qualitygoods just as much as we do - including organic bread by Brickfields, coconut yoghurt by Coco Tribe, cultured butter by Pepe Saya and hand-blended wild-grown tea by Little Wildling Co. Even our hand-made crockery is by locals Mud Australia. 


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